Giving Back to the Bay of Islands

We are lucky to live, work and play in the beautiful Bay of Islands, and we want the Bay of Islands to be an amazing place for future generations to enjoy.

We are giving back to our local community and to the Bay of Islands maritime park, through our Carino Marine Explorers Trust, penguin patrols, Dolphin SAFE project, Marine Kaitiaki course, project island song and by being active in the Business Paihia Association and the Northland Destination Management working group.

Our Carino Marine Explorers Trust:

Aims to inspire children and bring marine wildlife to life, through science and conservation. We have created an opportunity for those in the community who have never been on a boat or experienced the Bay of Islands to join us for a glimpse into the life of our local wildlife and conservation islands, to learn what means to be a professional skipper, sailor or marine scientist. We want to open minds and push the boundaries of local kids of what is possible for their future on our Carino marine explorer activity.

Our penguin patrols:

have been developed to learn about the daily life of a Little Blue Penguin and understand how human activities are affecting them and what we can do to reduce our impact. Penguins are At Risk–Declining species so how and at what stage do we need to manage them.

Our Dolphin SAFE project:

grew from our dedication to creating responsible marine wildlife watching in the Bay of islands and New Zealand. This is a regional partnership with us, DOC, and hapu to create a marine mammals SAFE project with the view to minimising disturbance to marine wildlife.

S –   Stop and give Dolphins space

A – Attention to the 5 knot safe zones

F – Feeding, touching, and Swimming with Dolphins – Don’t DO IT!!

E – Educate Others to act Dolphin SAFE

We are a corporate member of Project Island Song -who’s vision is the ecological restoration of the pest-free islands of Ipipiri in the eastern Bay of Islands to create an archipelago of sanctuaries that celebrates the native subtropical habitat, lush with vegetation and alive with birdsong.

To invest in the future of our local children in the Bay of Islands we are gifting a percentage of every customers fare to the Carino Marine Explorers Trust. The Trust also accepts donations. Please email the trust directly for information


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