Not just a day sailing cruise!

Carino Wildlife Cruises is not just a company offering amazing island and wildlife day cruises, we are also dedicated to helping protect the future of marine wildlife. By raising awareness among our guests, and community while on a tour.

On our day tour, you can have fun, learn scientific facts and learn to become more responsible about our beautiful surroundings. We want our guests to have a relaxing and educational cruise that we hope will inspire our guests to think of the future of our oceans and marine wildlife.

Our crew will begin with a briefing to inform our guests about the species which may be sighted, rules of observation and respect for the animals and safety measures aboard. During the day tour our crew and guides explain more about the wildlife species sighted and points of interest amongst the islands.

Guests are able to contribute directly by helping us to collect data with, penguin counting, dolphin counting and helping us with beach clean ups or snorkel clean ups.

Treasure found on our underwater snorkel clean ups so far include, t shirts, beer bottles, plates and a pair of crutches!

Kaitiakitanga –We are all connected, and we all have a responsibility to help protect the future.

By sharing our passion for marine wildlife we can help children, guests, crew and communities to understand the fragile nature of marine wildlife ecosystems and show how we can all make an real difference. Thanks to our education programs we can help educate the next generations about our wonderful yet fragile environments.

Children are the future!

Carino Wildlife Cruises believes in supporting education projects and we regularly take local school groups and local iwi on our marine explorer activity so that we may influence the next generation of guardians to, look after the environment for the future.

Conservation is more than just a word!

We see ourselves as a marine conservation business sustained by tourism.

Conservation is is all aspects of our company,

  • from the island and wildlife day cruise,
  • the education programs,
  • our research partners,
  • penguin patrol,
  • dolphin safe project,
  • marine mammal sanctuary support
  • and the Carino Marine Explorers Trust.

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