Sailing is the art of moving or traveling over water by use of sails.

For us it is much more! It is all about the smiles when we turn the engines off and the wind catches the sail. We can almost see our guests take a deep breath and relax into the motion. For us, sailing is good for the soul.

The bay of islands has just hosted the Bay race week with around 90 boats of all shapes and sizes, from sports boats to superyachts, making it the biggest regatta of its kind in New Zealand; this is a great time to share why sailing in the bay is so great.



Bay Race Week

The bay of islands is one of the best places in New Zealand to experience sailing and with the multiple islands and hidden coves, all sailors who come here from Captain Cook to present day tourists can see why.

You can always find a suitable bay to anchor up in, if the wind gets a little too fresh or to stop in for lunch after a relaxing sail out from the main harbours. Many of the local kiwis will be found out in the bay on their yachts over the summer, exploring the inlets and just getting away from it all.

Sailing is about letting the wind get in your face and the sounds of the ocean.


Sailing On Carino