A Massey University report, commissioned by the Department Of Conservation, indicates a very high level of correlation between boat-dolphin interaction and an ongoing drop in the local bottlenose dolphin population within the Bay of Islands.

Wild Bottlenose Dolphins

Carino Sailing and Dolphins was privileged to have had a direct involvement in the production of this report, hosting a marine researcher on board our 50ft sailing catamaran throughout the study.

As a direct result of our first hand experience with the research team and their findings, we have decided to take a precautionary approach to dolphin interaction and have elected to voluntarily stop swimming with wild dolphins in the Bay of Islands.

Research has shown that swimming with dolphins could exacerbate the potentially negative consequences of interaction by reducing periods for resting, feeding and socialising. In turn, this could bring about a decline in socialising behaviour and consequentially lower pregnancy rates.

By choosing to refrain from swimming with wild dolphins, we feel that our activities will be conducted in a manner that seeks to minimise any potentially negative impact on dolphins.

The welfare of the dolphins is of paramount importance to us; we want to help protect the future of our marine mammals.

We are in close consultations with the Department of Conservation about how best to help create a sustainable environment for the bottlenose dolphins in the Bay of Islands.

In line with our commitment to protect the local dolphin population, from the 1st May 2019 we will be offering marine mammal viewing-only tours.

We are still the only yacht licensed to interact and view marine mammals in the Bay of Islands. The tour will remain a sailing and dolphin adventure and a stunning way to discovery the beautiful Bay of Islands and its amazing wildlife in a truly responsible way.

Experience with us and help protect our wild dolphins!

Every paying guest directly contributes to marine mammal research and conservation in New Zealand – Sail with us and help protect the future!