The holiday season is upon us once again and what a great opportunity to spend some time with loved ones, out in the beautiful Bay of Islands. Actually that is exactly what we do here at Carino Sailing & Dolphin Adventures just about every day. Although we are fairly certain that the dolphins that visit the bay don’t actually have any concept of Christmas, they definitely seem to understand the concept of family and have been gathering together to provide our lucky guests with some Christmas gifts.

So far this season we have been fortunate enough to welcome four baby dolphins into the bay. French Toast, who made his debut appearance on the day that the ABs triumphed so convincingly over the French, is still only 3 months old. We often see him swimming with Porridge, his ever-watchful mother who will continue to suckle her precious offspring for another 9 to 12 months. Another frequent visitor to the bay is Luna. She is regularly seen swimming with her mother, Eclipse or playing with grandmother, Half-moon. Luna is now 2 years old but she still hangs out with mum and gran, who are not only teaching her how to hunt and feed, but also how socialize and survive Christmas with the rest of the family.


The wonderful sense of family values seems to be just as important to dolphins as it is for many of us. It is also a unique quality that our guests seem to rather enjoy when they come on board Carino. Recent visitors from England, Max and Tom, remarked in a lovely email … “From the moment we stepped aboard you made us feel welcome, you were all so friendly and knowledgeable and what’s more, we loved it even more when we found out that Carino is a family business”.

At Carino Sailing & Dolphin Adventures we are very proud of our family heritage and our 20 years experience of sailing and interacting responsibly with the beautiful wildlife in the bay. Over the years we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about dolphins and the other marine mammals that frequently visit the bay. However, according to Max and Tom, it seems that we may have also picked up a thing or two about good old fashioned family hospitality as well … “The boat was more than we had expected, so comfortable and the tea and coffee, and delicious BBQ (expertly cooked by Bruce) was great!”

DSC01398-001 (2)

So, if you are looking for a great  day out this holiday season, come and join our family and we will introduce you to our very special “extended family” out here in the beautiful Bay of Islands.