Island & wildlife Day Cruise

Experience now! – Protect the future!

Come aboard for a unique island and dolphin watching day sailing experience.


Immerse yourself in the beauty and wonder of the Bay of Islands during this island and wildlife day cruise. Watch dolphins, penguins and seabirds in their natural habitat, stop at a beach on a island sanctuary, for an hour or so for exploring, snorkeling, walking and relaxing.

With deep blue waters, vivid green islands and diverse wildlife, there is no better way to experience the Bay of Islands than on our spacious 50ft sailing catamaran!

Step Aboard

We depart directly from Paihia Wharf and after a wildlife briefing, you will sail into the beautiful waters of the Bay of Islands.

Breathe in the fresh sea breeze, relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery of the historic maritime park of the Bay of Islands, under sail. The crew will chat to you about the history, conservation projects and diverse wildlife in the Bay of Islands.

Be on the lookout for our local little blue penguin (the world’s smallest penguin), our crazy diving gannets, other ocean birds and other marine mammals like common dolphins and whales.

Island sightseeing

We have about 144 islands to choose from and the captain has a few favorites.  Where we stop depends on the wind and sea conditions, don’t worry, all are wildlife sanctuaries and all have stunning views.

Every beach has short hiking tracks which lead to wonderful views, along the way you can listen to the sounds of the native bird song and maybe even get a glimpse of some endangered natives, like the New Zealand Saddleback.

Snorkel or swim at the beach in one of the world’s most beautiful coastal locations.  All Snorkeling equipment is supplied. Snorkeling is safe and easy, in coastline rock snorkeling. Fish you may see include, snapper, banded wrasse, parpore and maybe a sting ray.

After immersing yourself in this wonder-filled nature reserve, head back to the boat for an optional delicious BBQ lunch, cash bar for a cool drink. Then relax on the deck and soak up the sun.

Marine Wildlife

Afternoons are spent searching for marine wildlife and bottlenose dolphins.

The Bay of Islands is a unique location for bottlenose dolphins, as it provides them with abundant food and security for resting and breeding and is part of their large home territory.

As the only yacht licensed to view and research dolphins, this is your chance to learn and be amazed by dolphins.

Let us introduce you to our local wild dolphins – We know them by name!

Enjoy baby dolphin calves learning to swim (birthing season late spring to summer)

Learn from our experienced crew to understand and appreciated the wild dolphins in their natural habitat.

Watch our local dolphins and their individual behavior.

We are conscious of the need to protect the dolphins and respect their habitat. Interaction with the dolphins is governed by dolphin behavior and DOC regulations.

On board Carino NZ, great viewing of dolphins and wildlife is to be had all around the yacht.

After our dolphin watching we will resume cruising and discover more of the picturesque Bay of Islands’ historical and geographical points of interest. Using the wind to sail home.

Returning to Paihia wharf with salty feet and sun-drenched smiles around 3.00pm

Every booking contributes directly to marine research and conservation and a percentage of every fare is gifted to the Carino Marine Explorers Trust, for children’s marine education .

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