Education Programs

One of our goals is to raise marine eco-awareness, in the hopes to contribute to a more sustainable future. We love passing our commitment to sustainability and marine conservation on to the next generation.

We have developed the Carino Marine Explorers Program so that we may influence the next generation of guardians to, look after our local Bay of Islands environment.

Carino Marine Education

Our Carino Marine education activities aim to inspire children and bring marine wildlife to life, through outdoor and hands-on learning, in our local Bay of Islands environment.

We have developed several education programs for children:

  1. Carino Marine Explorers – Discovery Activity
  2. Carino Marine Explorers – Penguin Protector

Carino Marine Explorer – Discovery activity is for kids to consider the marine environment around them and how it is all related. To increase kids’ interest in natural science by using children’s natural wonder about dolphins and wildlife and to inspire kids to look at a career on the ocean in working on boats to marine or wildlife conservation.

The Carino Marine Explorers – Discovery activity includes:

  • Marine Wildlife habitats – what make for a happy habitat.
  • Recognise a species – what to look for.
  • Beach clean up.
  • Wildlife watching
  • Careers in – outside working on boats, sailing, marine biology, conservation and sustainability.

Carino Marine Explorer – Penguin Protector is for children to learn about at risk and declining local species, the daily life of a Little Blue Penguin and understand how human activities are affecting them and what we can do to reduce our impact.

The Carino Marine Explorers – Penguin Protector activity includes:

  • Species sightings collection methods
  • Navigation science
  • Plankton and plastics tows
  • Beach clean ups


We also established the Carino Marine Explorers Trust for local children and community to have a chance to experience the Bay of Islands and its wildlife and contribute to local sustainability, without any cost to the children.