Carino Sailing Team

Creating responsible and respectful cruises between wildlife and people.

We are a small local family business, operating Carino Wildlife cruises since 1995. We have been in boats for over 70 years and love sharing the fun and enjoyment with guests, friends and family.

All crew are trained on site, to provide the maximum level of safety and care for our visitors.

Captains and guides share a passion for the marine environment, dolphins and have a wealth of knowledge about the Bay of Islands environment and history.

Our crew are:


Your captain who has over 55 000 Ocean miles of sailing experience. From the South Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, including the Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea and the North Sea. A qualified RYA instructor and she has captained in the Bay of Islands for over 26 years.

“I grew up on the seas around New Zealand and the oceans of the South pacific. I was very lucky to have parents who took my brother and I on a south seas sailing adventure. We spent over two years exploring the marine environment. Sometimes I think I was a fish!”

“I have competed in many racing regattas around the world on all sizes of yacht, for me the design does not matter, just getting our there”

“The ocean and its life is an amazing place to be able to work and play. To be able to share the ocean and its wonderful wildlife with my guests, friends and family, makes my job one of the best!”

Favorite place to anchor in the Bay: Engine Block Bay


Is Vanessa’s Dad and he is the one whom helped put salt water in her blood!

He is our impact player, coming out on the yacht when needed. Otherwise will be found at the shore base.

Bruce  has extensively sailed New Zealand seas and the South Pacific Ocean and Bruce helped to successfully defend the 2000 America’s Cup with Team New Zealand.

Favorite place to anchor in the Bay: Indigo Bay


Is our super keen sailor, guide and electronics expert. He has extensively sailed the Indian ocean and Mediterranean sea and is currently racing tornado class catamarans. His love of the ocean started in wellington as a teenager and continues today.

Favorite place to anchor in the Bay: Ohau Bay

W are a small 100% New Zealand owned and operated family cruise, we love the Bay of Islands and are committed to giving you a fun and relaxing way to experience sailing and dolphins, making this your best holiday experience.

We often have other crew join us for a season or two!

friendly carino crew