About Us

Carino Wildlife Cruises is a small family business, which operates out of Te Pewhairangi, Bay of Islands and is run by Vanessa, Bruce and Wayne.  We take guests out to experience and be inspired by the wildlife and environment of Te Pewhairangi.

We have been operating in the Bay of Islands since 1995.  Our day tour has become a popular option for visitors to the Bay of Islands.

Our family has been in boats and on the water for over 70 years. Both here in New Zealand and overseas. Carino wildlife cruises allows us to share our love of the ocean and helping people understand nature, while having a relaxing time in the Bay of Islands.

As a marine eco-tourism business, we are clear in our purpose of responsible and sustainable tourism – we want to provide cruises that acknowledge and respect everyone in the community around us and contribute to making this a better place for people to live, work and visit.   We strive to be mindful, always looking at ways we can participate in social, economic, natural and cultural environments.

We have created a business that allows people to connect with nature, in a fun and relaxed way, that inspires them make a real difference in protecting our marine wildlife.